Safety measures to keep in mind when hiring a skip bin

Posted on: 9 November 2015


One of the easiest and quickest methods of getting rid of garden waste is to hire a skip bin. You don't have to worry about fitting everything into small bags and struggling to stop them from tearing. You can simply pile up all your clippings and other waste materials, use a wheelbarrow to transport the material to the skip, and simply dump the contents into the bin. It's as easy as that.

You don't have to worry about getting rid of the waste as the bin hire company will come right to your door and take it away for you. No more smelly cars that are full of leaves and other debris. However, there are important safety measures to have in place during this process as you can damage yourself or others if you fail to adequately do so. Here is some advice to help keep you and your helper safe when hiring a skip bin.

Get a skip bin hire that has a door

Many skip bins come with a door located on the side of it. This makes the process of loading in heavy equipment such as furniture much easier as it requires less lifting. You no longer have to hoist the items up and into the bin, placing enormous strain on your back in the process.

A lot of these side doors also open outwards down to the ground, meaning that it can be used as a ramp of sorts. It is important that you never use materials such as wooden planks for ramps as they can buckle and fail while under the load of a person and their accompanied waste.

Evenly distribute the bin's contents

By loading the bin as evenly as possible, you are ensuring that the load is spread out and not all placed on one end or side. If you have one side completely packed with heavy garden furniture and the other side packed with grass and leaves, the bin could tip over during the removal and injure the removal man or it could even tip over at your residence.

Don't attempt to flatten waste using your body as a tool

Even if you placed all of the waste into the bin by yourself, you never know what objects can harm you if you start standing or pushing down on the waste to try to compress it. A passer-by could have tossed anything into it while you were not looking. Any objects can become sharp and dangerous when they break and the last thing you want is to cut yourself seriously for the sake of getting a little more space in the bin.