Recommendations for a Property Soil Order to Improve Your Landscaping

Posted on: 16 June 2021


The soil on your property is an essential element to building beautiful and healthy landscaping that grows and establishes itself for years of attractive vegetation. However, your property may be lacking good soil in several areas where you want it the most. Here are some recommendations to help you order the right amount of soil for your yard and install it properly.

Determine Your Needs

A soil delivery for your home property is a great type of product that you can use in a variety of ways in your yard and garden. If you want to supplement the soil around your home's foundation by building up a slope to help rainwater flow away from your home during rainy seasons, you can order a delivery of screened topsoil. 

You may also want to add topsoil to your property in preparation for installing a new lawn or landscaping. When existing soil is left to the elements on your land, it can become eroded from wind and rain, leaving the ground hard and bare with rocks, debris, and wild underbrush that takes any nutrients from the soil. A new layer of topsoil will help you improve the condition of the soil, which you can layer over several centimetres in depth. Then, don't forget to add in supplemental fertilizers and soil nutrients to aid your plant and vegetation growth.

Depending on its use, you will need to calculate the amount for your order, which is usually calculated in square meters or tons. Your delivery specialist can advise you how much you can order and whether it is delivered by the truckload or in a packaged metre soil cube.

Manage Your Soil Installation

The type of soil on your property may be sandy, contain a lot of clay or be full of rocks, making it hard to get any vegetation growing. And you likely know that vegetation growth is the key to preventing future erosion to the soil. So, to help your existing soil combine well with a new order of topsoil, you can use several types of treatments to work into the soil for its health boost. 

Test the condition of your soil to find out what nutrients it needs based on its pH. Your soil may be more acidic or alkaline, depending on what number your soil's pH is at. If you find that your soil is too acidic, you will need to add a fertilizer or soil treatment that contains lime, such as crushed limestone. Then, if your soil is too alkaline, you will need to add a fertilizer containing nitrogen, sphagnum peat or organic mulch. You can till this into the soil or combine it with a garden rake.

For more information about soil delivery services, contact a local landscaping supplier.