Two Factors Gardening Enthusiasts Must Consider When Buying Chainsaws

Posted on: 12 July 2022


If you need a chainsaw to take care of certain parts of your garden, here are two factors you must consider when buying this equipment.

The weight of the chainsaw and your physical strength

If you are anything other than very physically strong, you must consider the weight of any chainsaws you're interested in getting. Most chainsaws weigh a few kilos. If you buy one of the heavier versions of this item, and you are anything other than very strong, you might not get tired long before you've finished trimming your tree branches with it. You might also find that as your strength wanes, it's harder to control the direction in which the equipment's moving blades go. The latter might result in you accidentally trimming too much off of certain branches of your tree, which could spoil the look of this feature of your garden.

Furthermore, if the chainsaw is so heavy that you struggle to hold and manoeuvre it for more than a minute or so at a time, there is a chance you could drop it on yourself or on a nearby garden feature (like some flowerbeds). Due to how hazardous an uncontrolled, moving chainsaw is and how much damage it could do to you or your garden features, it's essential to ensure you choose a chainsaw that you know you could comfortably hold for extended periods without getting too tired.

The activities you'll need the chainsaw for and where in your garden you'll be using it

You'll also need to consider the type of gardening work you plan to do with this chainsaw, as well as where in your garden you need to use it. For example, if you have a tree with densely-packed branches that you need to regularly trim, then it might be best to get a mini chainsaw for this task, as this will be easier for you to fit in between the nearby branches that surround the ones you need to trim. Additionally, if the tree is at the end of your garden, far away from any plug sources that are inside your house or garage, then you might be better off with a cordless chainsaw instead of one with a plug, as the latter might require you to use multiple extension cords that stretch from your home to the tree.

Additionally, if you'll be trimming any trees or hedges that are in close proximity to your neighbours' homes, it might be best to get an electric chainsaw instead of one that's powered by gas, as electrically-powered chainsaws are significantly quieter; as such, having one of these will allow you to do some trimming in these areas without creating so much noise that you upset your neighbours.

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