The Advantages of 4 Different Kinds of Lawn Mowers

Posted on: 18 June 2015


There is a huge array of lawn mowers and one may find it very difficult to choose one if he or she has no prior experience with mowers. This article discusses some advantages of different kinds of mowers. Use this information to select the most appropriate kind of mower for your needs.

Push Lawn Mowers

This the most basic type of lawn mower. It relies on the strength of the user to propel it during the mowing process. The advantage of this lawn mower is its affordability. It is also ideal for people who want to do some exercise as they perform a chore. This "workout" is a result of the "sweat capital" that you use as you propel the mower over the lawn you are trimming. They are the most eco-friendly type of mower since they do not discharge any emissions. They are good for mowing small lawns that are flat.

Self-Propelled Walk-Behind Mowers

These lawn mowers also require the user to walk behind them during the mowing process. The difference between the self-propelled and the push mower is that the self-propelled lawn mower has an engine that provides the power needed to move the mower forward.

Your role as the user of the mower is to hold its controls and direct it around the different parts of your lawn. Thus, you will expend minimal effort during the mowing process and you will complete the task much faster than another person relying on his own energy to propel a push mower.

Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mowers

Here, the person rides on the mower as he or she is mowing the lawn. This lawn mower can move forward or backward depending on what the operator wants. It has levers that control the direction of movement and speed. The biggest advantage of these zero-turn mowers is their ability to make sharp turns in tight spaces. This makes them very good for use in places with several obstacles (like trees) that you have to maneuver around. They are also very fast so tasks can be completed quickly.

Lawn Tractors

These are driven in the same way as you would drive your car. They are very good for mowing large lawns since they have large mowing decks and they are faster than zero-turn lawn mowers. The other advantage of lawn tractors is their versatility. You can attach different tools to them (such as snow blowers and trailers) in order to perform different tasks on your property.

As you shop for a lawn mower, use the information above to help you decide which particular kind is suitable for you. You can then examine models from different manufacturers like Mower Accessories so that you choose the best.